The Company


We love to build.

O’CBDB is a family-owned company specializing in modern design and construction techniques, sound engineering, flawless implementation, and non-compliance with liability insurance and workman’s compensation.

Tired of endless variations of Southwestern-style McMansions? We do everything, from custom side gates to complete home renovations and builds.

O’CBDB consists of Sean and Brian O’Connor (the Brothers) and Jason (the future), all born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Before starting their own business in 2006, Sean and Brian spent over 35 years on residential and commercial job sites, erecting towers, welding, doing iron work, framing in both wood and steel, dry-walling and plastering, and serving as field supervisors for various local companies and crews.

Sean graduated from UNM with degrees in Industrial Arts and English. When not building vintage cars and rods, Sean plays the guitar and banjo. He co-founded past bands such as Vibralux and Dem Bones, and has released six CDs of original music. He now fronts the band Quality Retreads. Their second CD is due out Summer, 2014.
Brian has a degree in Fine Art from UNM.  Over the years, he has taught art classes at UNM and the Harwood Center, has been involved in community projects in Valencia County, and designed La Promesa Elementary school in Veguita.  Brian regularly shows his paintings in Santa Fe, Los Angeles, and other art galleries and museums across the globe.  His paintings have been featured on statewide billboards and have even been commissioned for wine labels.
Jason has worked with the Brothers for well over a decade, beginning during his high school summers. He is certified in welding, has worked in fabrication shops, and makes his own steel art sculptures; he recently placed at the New Mexico State Fair for his artwork. Jason has extensive field experience and can build everything from a 3-foot garden sculpture to a 400-foot communications tower. His self-owned metal working company is called O’C Metal Solutions.


For O’CBDB, the love of creating architecture and building, combined with extensive on-site experience has evolved into a unique sense of design, as well as a comprehensive set of problem-solving skills.

Go with the Bros!  Let’s build something!